Monday, April 29, 2013

A Cup of Coffee and a Defining Moment...

Despite the fact that my New Year's Resolutions included posting a new blog entry every two weeks, here it is, almost May (!) and I haven't posted since yes, New Years! Okay, so here it is, like everyone, my life seems to be one big cycle of "well, once I get this done, I can focus on that" Or, "once we get past this weekend of 3 tournaments, a science fair project, soccer tryouts and a cub scout camp out, we can focus on that other project we've been putting off" Sound familiar? And before you know it, yet another "that" has turned into "this" and so on and so on, and then, well, like I said, it's May already!

So what exactly have I accomplished in the past 5 months, I ask myself? Let's put it this way. You know those cute family and pet caricature window decals you see on the back of mini-van and SUV windows? You know, the ones where everyone in the family is doing their "thing" like giving a speech, playing golf, kicking a soccer ball, playing frisbee or relaxing in a pony-tailed beach pose reading a novel?

Well, in case you haven't yet seen these and are now curious, keep in mind that you rarely find them on cars, since this is, of course, the next step after the "Baby on Board" sun screen has turned into a "I'm a busy mom, so get the hell out of my way because I'm late" stage of parenthood...

Anyway, I decided that I want one for my own SUV because I, too, am at this crazy stage of parenthood. And since I thought this would make a good birthday present for myself, naturally, I had to find the site, put the family together just the way I wanted, and then email it to my husband to make sure that I indeed would get it for my birthday, as planned! (Yes, this also takes up a lot of my time...) So I, of course, googled the website (more of my time...) and found the company that I'm sure is now making a mint from women like me who want to have some kind of visual validation of who they now are or have become, either transcendental phrase would work here.

So as I scrolled up and down the pages of possibilities I had to really ask myself, okay, what am I good at, enjoy or spend the most time doing? In other words, what exactly have I been doing since January?! Let's see, there were no perky, pony-tailed choices for agonizing over math homework, doing dishes or laundry, cleaning the toilet, or driving the kids to a million different kinds of practice (maybe the sticker on the SUV implies that...) Likewise, there were no representations for cleverly saving money or stressfully paying the bills, shopping for the same groceries every week, or completing a month's worth of to-do's for the whole family. And, surprisingly, there weren't any bleary-eyed moms in bed trying to read 2 paragraphs of an unfinished book at 10 o'clock at night before passing out...

Well, as you know, there are those defining moments in your life that hit you unexpectedly and little did I know that choosing my own birthday present was going to be one of them! Because I'm telling you that I went through those mom selections at least three times, and as I scrolled through the many rows of women either sitting at an office desk, dressed in a lab coat with a stethoscope, playing tennis or running a marathon, I realized with much dismay that I no longer pursue any of my old hobbies, interests or career dreams either because I am no longer physically able to, don't want to, or the big one: c'mon, I stepped off the career ladder so I could raise three kids and I'm too old!

So do you know what I ended up choosing myself doing? Holding a cup of coffee! Because, hey, I'm good at making it, drinking it brings me joy, it's what I look forward to as soon as I get up in the morning and apparently it has become one of my few daily accomplishments that is worth being represented by a car decal! (There were no moms with a wine glass in their hand, but I guess that would have been a worse life statement, right?!)

I think you can guess that my defining moment became the moment that I realized that at this point in my life, it might be time to create a new life! So what have I been doing? Well, aside from the above, and probably because of the above, I have decided to begin a career change so that I can reinvent myself (again?!) into a new "me" that will no longer be defined only by a large coffee mug. And hopefully that uses all the skills I have gained while drinking it...

Skills like: being a great communicator by writing tongue-in-cheek blogs with lots of trailing periods, question marks and exclamation points. Having strong negotiation skills from convincing my husband and kids why they should do something or why I'm right. Being a great micro-manager of other people's lives, (husband and 13-year old are very good references here). Effective time management gained by over-volunteering and over-scheduling in order to gain more expertise in creating to-do lists. Financial expertise gained by successfully managing frustratingly small and large (depending on the year) annual budgets and by searching the internet for the best price on any item needed. And finally, consistent creativity and resourcefulness acquired by finally learning how to use my crock pot and putting "fresh" outfits together from a boring closet...

Pretty good, right?! So with a respectful Mother's Day nod to all the other moms out there with similar experience and expertise who may also be searching for their next perfect career and/or re-defining car decal, please give me a call if you hear of any opportunities that seem like a good fit. As you know, I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and chat!


  1. This was my favorite entry so far. So honest and funny and relateable. If your closet is boring I'm scared of what mine is. You've never worn an outfit I didn't wish was on me!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that you can relate ;) I think there are a lot of us ;)