Friday, February 17, 2012

New Year's Resolutions; I Promise To Start Next Month!

Okay, so I know it's already almost March and I am way behind on my blog postings. The irony is that one of my biggest 2012 resolutions made right after my entire family and I plunged ourselves into the freezing waters of Lake Washington for our first annual polar bear plunge was to write a new post every 2 weeks and let's see, that was about, hmmm, only 7 weeks ago!

But you know how that goes, I was either working on all my other really important life goals that I failed to accomplish last year and made it back on the list or I was homeschooling my kids since sending them to Seattle Public schools means that they are home at least one week plus several days each month for your entertainment and enjoyment...

Oh, and there was that week of snow we had. I have to admit that was fun and I happily jumped on one of our $40 piece of foam sleds purchased at the last minute like everyone else and managed to not break my arm or any other significant body part as I rolled on top of my daughter frantically trying to not hit the curb on the downhill NE 62nd luge that had formed by day three! I noticed a couple of moms and kids the week after that were not so lucky!

So since I am so overdue let me first of all wish you a Happy 2012 and I hope your holidays were filled with love and laughter. And if you are still one of the houses that has their Christmas lights on each night, well c'mon, get over it; the cherry blossoms are blooming!

So here are my Top 7 Promises to Myself aka My Resolutions for 2012 that I think will make me a better person this year, that is, unless....

1. I promise to not get stressed out or guilt-ridden every time I get a new email or flyer offering me another amazing Lake Kayaking, Masters Art School, French as a third language, Lego robot-building, Early Physicists or SAT/College Prep for 4th thru 6th graders course that my kids aren't currently taking along with their swim team, piano, Cub Scouts, Brownies, snowboarding, basketball, ultimate frisbee, violin, math club and Magic the Gathering activities they already have! Although I am sure I can finally put my college education to good use and somehow squeeze another 30 minutes out of our week somewhere!

2. I promise to eat more healthily by finding new recipes for organic sea weed and parsnips and paying $20 for the relaxed, free-roaming chicken and its beautiful brown eggs and either find or invent an organic deoderant that doesn't leave me smelling like a barnyard on a rainy day by 6pm!

3. I promise to try and be the mom I want to be when I wake up so I can screw my kids up just incrementally less than I'm screwed up; you know, that mom with 19 well-adjusted kids that home schools all of them and smiles as she speaks in a really soft and happy voice all the time. That would be instead of the crazed mom I seem to impersonate by 6pm, around the time my organic deoderant stops working and I'm walking around in confusion trying to listen to a measly 3 kids all talking to me at once about anything that pops into their head as I try and fix snacks, make dinner and not get mad about the $6 gallon of organic milk that just got spilled at the same time! (No, I did not make them lick it off the table, but I thought about it!)

4. I promise to send back all the nickels and dimes this year that the Paralyzed Veterans of America send me every month along with 100 more address labels that I can't seem to use quickly enough and I don't have the heart to throw away because I might need them one day. Don't they know that it's all about e-socializing and e-pay now and nobody even writes letters anymore?! I guess I need to write and let them know...

5. I promise to either meditate, do yoga, Sudoku or a crossword puzzle each day so that I no longer mindlessly try and open the front door of my house by pressing on my car's remote key button, wondering why it isn't opening, forget that I put a quesadilla for my son in the oven about an hour ago or annoy my kids because I can't ever remember who likes Blue Doritos in their lunch and who doesn't!

6. I promise to try and not be that uber-competitive mom who yells "TRY NOT TO BREATHE!!!!" at her 7-year old son (yes, it's on tape...) as he races down the pool lane, convinced that the pride in his winning this one race is somehow a reflection of what a great mom I am... (I know, sad, but true...)

7. And finally, I promise to write a blog post every 2 weeks and to not use so many exclamation points! And I promise to start next month!

Enjoy your weekend and if you've got any great resolutions, I'd love to hear them! I'll be back in a couple of weeks, I promise!