Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Tribute to Dad...

Since I devote most of my posts to all my fellow moms and our daily struggle for sanity, I thought it would only be fair that with Father's day right around the corner I give the proper page of tribute to all the dads out there who work hard in the many roles they are asked to play in our modern world. 

Because as we all know, behind all of us pre-menopausal, crazed women and/or moms is an equally stressed man and/or dad who comes home from work without a clue that the kids drove you crazy with their fighting, messes and “I’m done!” calls from the bathroom, or that your boss gave you yet another deadline that you don’t know how you’re going to meet. He just wants to sit down and relax for a minute with peace and quiet, maybe a beer and the big piece of chicken for dinner after a long day at work, right?! 

But instead, usually our men put these needs aside, catch the babies that we throw them at them as soon as they open the door and patiently listen as we recount how poorly behaved our child’s play date was or what our friend/colleague said or didn’t say to us in the right tone of voice, ever-supportive of our need to talk.

And as challenging as it is for us as women in the middle of our lives to come to terms with who we are versus who we still want to be, our husbands and fathers get up ready to face each day knowing that regardless of whether they love their jobs, the ultimate goal of providing for their family is one worthy of dealing with a long commute, deadlines, bosses, frustrating colleagues and the endless meetings of office life so that they can help provide a life and future for their family that perhaps they never had. 

Let's face it, just as we have given up more lofty goals and careers, likewise have their own childhood dreams of driving the Ferrari or Porsche with the wind blowing in their hair been replaced with the reality of sitting behind the wheel of a tan mini-van with a “Respect the Van” bumper sticker and a baseball cap on their heads to hide the graying and/or diminishing mane they once had. 

And likewise, for the many modern fathers who checked their macho male ego at the altar and took on the enormous role of staying at home with the kids while mom goes to work; these dads cart the kids to school, the doctor and Little Gym, change diapers, comfort them when they get hurt or sick, feed them meals (yes, granola bars and chips can count for an occasional nutritious fiber-filled meal; they aren’t perfect!), listen to the same “I’m done!” coming from the bathroom and try and keep the house in some kind of "order". 

And just like us, they can feel a little under-appreciated when we come home, look around and ask “what have you been doing all day?” as we notice the dishes piled up in the sink, toys everywhere and a half-eaten PBJ on the carpet. After all, if the kids are all safe and happy and there aren’t a dozen beer bottles next to those dirty dishes then we should probably bite our tongues!

So this month and any day you aren’t too exhausted, let’s salute those men and fathers behind us who haven’t succumbed to their own mid-life crisis and traded in their mini-van for a sports car and/or a younger version of you! After they come home from coaching Little League, soccer, basketball and everything else we’ve signed them up for, they, too, just want to get some daily joy from a cold beer, the big piece of chicken and their own version of a “special hug” every now and then (yes, you know what I’m talking about, but remember I’m G-rated!). Like I said, when you’re not too exhausted!