Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life is Much Funnier Through "Bloggles"...

Okay, so I know it's been over a month since you've heard from me. But I have lots of really good excuses, most of them under the label of S*%# or Life, Happens! But since I've decided I'm a "Rated G" kind of Blog, I couldn't name this posting what I really wanted to... So I've decided to channel all my S*%# and look at all the events of the past two months through my humor-seeking bloggles. That way you can let me know that you've had days, or months, like this too!

It all began with a gloomy Winter Break in late February. First of all, I'm sorry but does anyone else agree that our (Seattle) kids have way too many days off for the sanity of the parents? Were they worked too hard right after the 1-week break for Thanksgiving and the 2-week break for the holidays that they have to get yet another week off in late February right when the weather and our moods are at their gloomiest, flu bugs are running rampant, and our budgets, still recovering from the gift-giving extravaganza that Christmas has become, don't allow us average folk to dash off for a Hawaiian vacation but instead force us into an indoor "stay-cation" filled with refereeing kid fights and sassiness, never-ending snack and meal orders, and cleaning up countless items strewn all over the house? What is it with dirty socks, anyway?

Let me say that my personal "stay-cation", which this year came with the added bonus of my middle son, Luke, on the couch with a fever and cough all week, often ended with the strategic use of 2-hour blocks (yes, I broke the 1-hour rule!) of screen time for the "it's cocktail hour somewhere" sipping of a glass of wine as I stared out the window in reverie and wondered who in their right mind would choose to home-school their kids?! (no offense, of course, to any of you who do, as you have my awe and admiration!)

It was also during this gloomy month that I even wrote a poem as my Ode to February Stay-cations in Seattle. Let me know what you think!

The Cascades cast shadows
against the gray sky
cloud cover like a blanket
good for coffee, Coldplay and why?
laundry not put away
dishes still in the sink
life in constant disarray
I just want a drink!

And so this February began what I now call the lost months of my life as this particular flu bug that caught Luke lasted almost a week to the day, then transmuted itself to Evan, my oldest son, who was then on the couch for count them, 10 days, which included a week plus one day of school and on that last day of his illness my daughter, Nikki, never one to not do what her brothers are doing, decided that it was time for her to also spike a week-long fever and start coughing non-stop, as well! And so, the third week of Parcheesie, Dora the Explorer Uno and constant chatter continued into the ides of my March.

The thing about this bug is that it never really knocked them out, the way a good flu bug is supposed to. You know the kind where they just want to sleep all day and you can get everything done that you normally do, like write a blog. No, it merely got their temperature to the point of not being low enough to be able to go to school but just low enough to be conscious and bored enough to want to ask mom for things all day!

Nearing the end of that third week, and just when I thought that it was almost all over and Nikki, like the boys, would be back in school Monday, she took a turn for the worse and developed pneumonia, which definitely knocked her out to the point that I missed her cough-ridden cartwheels around the house. Once it sets in, pneumonia sets a fast and furious course if you don't catch it early enough, so since this was my first time dealing with it, I have to admit it was a little scary to witness and gave me new respect and appreciation for the parents that deal with chronically ill or disabled children. You are all amazing!

Luckily, after several days of antibiotics, she finally got better. And as you can imagine I was very excited about having the house to myself again so I could enjoy my strong coffee all alone and get caught up with the me that was not caregiver, Uno opponent or tipsy dinner chef. (Hey, I was in survival mode, don't judge me!)

And then came my husband Troy.... In between a new job and old, he had 2 weeks off to stay home and work on finishing our remodel. And while I should have been excited to get to the end of this 5-plus-year journey (that's a whole 'nother blog!) with his effort, I went from being asked "Can you read me another story?" to "What are you doing today?",  Do you want to eat lunch with me?" "When will you be home?" Now I love my husband, but enough was enough; I didn't want anyone talking to me for at least a week!

Ahh, but then he started work again and I excitedly looked at my calendar to plan out all the things I could get done with my time to myself again and as I turned the page to April (remember, I lost 2 months!) I realized with horror that next week was Spring Break! What the what?! (Remember my G-rating!)

So as you know, it's now the end of April, I just survived yet another Spring Break "stay-cation" (finishing the kitchen instead of Hawaii one more year... and yes, I swear we are almost done!) and I am now alone in my quiet, clean (okay, maybe not clean) home with my strong cup of coffee staring at the same cloud-covered Cascades and realizing as I write this blog that somehow, as stressful as it seemed at the time, it is all now much funnier through bloggles.... And I wouldn't trade it for the world. Until next time, put your bloggles on, and enjoy your own crazy lives!